About Us

SpikingNet name is derived from third generation neural network models. That is why our research is focused on novel algorithms and hardware which target reconfigurable and intelligent mechanisms. The company was founded in 2010 with focus to develop hardware and software products to assist our user’s life with really intelligent products. Our present management include over all combined experience of 50+ years in technology research and development & IT.


Spikingnet is committed to deliver intelligent products through innovative hardware and software. Whether used within home, automotive, commercial or consumer use, Spikingnet provides the technology and support to integrate our products to life.

Partner Program

Our Partner Program offers its partners a scalable model with incremental benefits, based on a joint Business Plan. This Business Plan includes joint marketing actions, yearly sales plans and a complete certification and training plan with several levels in order to offer the partner’s sales and tech support teams the knowledge necessary to offer added-value solutions to its clients. We offer all of our customers unbeatable technical support, with our team of experts on call to assist you with your product selection. Our stringent quality controls ensure that you receive the highest quality products with the very best level of service.