• Lighting and Power Products

    We have high quality robust led drivers designed for indian market, operating upto 450V AC. We ensure that our LED drivers improve life and increase lumen with properly tested standard components for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • M2M Products

    Connected machines are fast becoming the eyes and ears of the enterprise. By adding sensors and networking technologies to your products and equipment, you can find new ways to do more with less and gather powerful insights from machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Our M2M products and services help you deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Home Automation and Control

    The home automation range of products are for cost saving and improving the electrical consumption efficiency at home. The products are equipped with power line sensing/control, Power switch with remote control, communication module for short range, WIFI and long range GSM communication.

  • LED Tube Lights

    Instant-on light,Very high resistance to switching loads,Also suitable for operation at low temperatures Extremely break resistant thanks to aluminum heat sink and polycarbonate cover ,High luminous intensity for sophisticated lighting tasks

About Us

SpikingNet name is derived from third generation neural network models. That is why our research is focused on novel algorithms and hardware which target reconfigurable and intelligent mechanisms. The company was founded in 2010 with focus to develop hardware and software products to assist our user's life with really intelligent products. Our present management include over all combined experience of 50+ years in technology research and development & IT.



Spikingnet is committed to deliver intelligent products through innovative hardware and software. Whether used within home, automotive, commercial or consumer use, Spikingnet provides the technology and support to integrate our products to life.

Our Products

Spikingnet Products are indigenously designed and developed. Our strong R&D focus helps us to produce robust designs using state of art technology and catering to large customer base. Our products meet world class compliance and we specially validate them for Indian operating conditions. Above this, we provide aggressive customer support to enable our customer have technology edge and gain market share.